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A Guide to Getting Through Winter's Challenges With A Smile.   

 Welcome to Odyssey Discovery! I firmly believe that educators like you, who travel and explore the world, have the power to unlock new horizons for their students. Through captivating photography, impactful videos, inspiring storytelling, and meaningful connections, we share the magic of our experiences and open the door to endless possibilities.

My passion, and our mission, here at Odyssey Discovery  is to help hardworking educators like you travel more, experience more, and discover the wonders of our planet..more. We do this all while supporting your health/wellness, because let's face it, when you feel great and inspired, you create a ripple effect of positivity. That ripple ripple effect makes a positive impact on all aspects of your life, especially in the lives of your students.

So, buckle up and get ready for an incredible journey! I'm absolutely delighted that you're here with us. Let's dive into the wonders of discovery together and show our students the joy of learning from every corner of the world. 
                                                             --- Your Friend, Kirsten Alburg


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E-Zine: FREE To Club Members

E-Zine: FREE To Club Members

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We talk about everything from  EDventrue Travel, travel FUNding, digital course creating, health and wellness, inspiration, time management, nature travel photography, digital story-telling, financial trip planning, travel opportunities, Arctic/Alaska teaching, student travel and more. I truly believe that the best way to enrich student learning is by enriching the lives of educators. We are all educators, all storytellers, all adventures on this incredible Odyssey called life. This Podcast is about supporting YOU.

Odyssey Educator Podcast

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Penny The Little Polar Bear 

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Join me for the Spring and Summer 2024 Epic Alaska Odyssey EDventure (includes the Arctic). 

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 Discover how I created these books in just weeks, instead of years, with very little cost. My children's books have allowed me to share my experiences, serve students, and have helped fund my travel dreams. 
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