Welcome to the Odyssey You Blog with Kirsten Alburg

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Welcome to the Odyssey YOU Blog

I'm so happy you are here! Grab your favorite cozy drink in a cup and enjoy! Learn, explore and plan your next dream EDventure!


Nature lover, photography guru, chai tea enjoyer, travel EDventurer, Educator & dream funding fanatic. 

Hi, I'm Kirsten .
Your BFF + Travel Guide.

I'm here to support your dreams of travel, health and wellness so that you can impact your student's lives through your stories, connections, and inspiration. 

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The Odyssey YOU Podcast

We talk about everything from Nature EDventrue Travel, travel FUNding, digital course creating, health and stress management, inspiration, time management, nature travel photography, digital story-telling, financial trip planning, travel job opportunities, Arctic teaching, student travel and more. I truly believe that the best way to enrich student learning is by enriching the lives of educators. We are all educators, all storytellers, all adventures on this incredible Odyssey called life. This Podcast is about supporting YOU to make it your best. 

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